All About Me

Hi there, I’m Charlotte Fay, a Mindful Creative! I write about holistic wellness, gratitude, positivity, nature and motherhood. But, I’m also a Meditation Guide and Jewellery Designer from Kent, UK.

I am passionate about holistic wellness, you can listen to o my meditations on Insight Timer under ‘Serenely Elevated’.

My jewellery designs tend to be artistic, simple, classic and timeless pieces which can be worn everyday to bring joy and happiness.

I believe that when adorn ourselves with things that spark joy we feel generally happier in ourselves. That is what my designs aim to achieve.

When I am not designing I live a mindfully simple life by the Kent coast with my husband and young son who also has a pure love of nature which I am in constant awe of and learn from daily but who also has more energy than I can ever comprehend.

I adore reading poetry and often find myself writing it too. You can find my self published collections on Amazon.